When an investor is making a decision on whether to buy fintech project, invest in emerging markets stock or becoming a minority interest in a business, more often than not they are evaluating and analyzing the numbers. What is their return on investment? How much are the dividends? Is it fairly priced or overpriced? How has the corresponding market performed? However, when investing in Arttech, Fintech, AR&VR, AI, Smart City, Internet of things, P2P, it doesn’t seem quite as clear-cut. But in the future blockchain technologies will change all the ideas about investing. The best blockchain startups will get a chance to be introduced for the top investors from all over the world. The list of the investment companies we’re inviting on Fintech Online Week:

JM3 Capital, Vivaris Capital, Earlybird Venture Capital, StakeZero Ventures, Launchub Ventures, Base58 Capital AG, Winklevoss Capital, 1confirmation, 1kx, Merchant Advisory Group, Swell Investing, Ausum Ventures, Propel Venture Partners, Arbor Ventures, FuturePerfect Ventures, Deciens Capital, Unconventional Ventures, Ausum Ventures, 500 Startups, Pantera Capital, Capital One, Middlegame Ventures, Commerce Ventures, American Express Ventures, Trinity Ventures, McKinsey & Company, Village Capital, Santander InnoVentures, Bain Capital Ventures, Core Innovation Capital, The Linux Foundation, Quona Capital, F-Prime Capital, MEDICI Capital, Blumberg Capital, Victory Park Capital and others.