Online talks

Live attendee chat is the main function of the platform for online conferences and pitches. The platform allows to drive the conversation with rich chat features. Once the pitch is complete, you can download the report of the entire conversation. The next function: video, .ppt and .pdf files sharing. You can create engaging pitches by leveraging presentations and pre-recorded video content and upload your files to the content library and they’ll be available for every pitch host. Moreover the platform we use uniquely allows you to see in real time who’s in your pitch, with full social information about them. Click on any of your attendees to get their public social media profiles, from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others. Detailed information about the additional technologies we use is below.


BuddyPress is an open-source social networking software package owned by Automattic. Users of BuddyPress can form groups, send each other private messages, and create their own blogs. In addition, BuddyPress offers other popular features such as an activity feed and collaboration with Googlemaps to display the location of members who allow the plugin to do so. When a user signs up, you are able to push your data into the API of his or her other social media platforms. This means a user could be on his or her Facebook page and still be receiving data from you. This can be an invaluable tool in terms of online marketing strategy. When you attend Fintech Online Week you get an access to BuddyPress cabinet for the attendees.

Facebook and WhatsApp Video Chats

Facebook and WhatsApp Video Chats are integrated in the cabinet for the attendees. Both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp support free video calling over Wi-Fi or mobile data, even to contacts living overseas. In the past you’ve needed to use a third-party app to make group video calls, but now the functionality is available within the app for iPhone and Android.


Software-based, flawless video, integrated audio, and wireless content sharing.

Fintech Online Week App

The app will help to plan events you participate in and to sheldule meetups with the other attendees.